About Me

Logan Marie Glitterbomb was raised by a small town comic shop owner on a diet of anime, science fiction, and games in the Florida Parishes of Cajun Country. After losing nearly everything in hurricane Katrina, she relocated with her family from Louisiana to the state of Florida where she attended her first convention, MegaCon 2006, a tradition she has kept up without fail every year since; at times even volunteering as part of the Troma Films and MegaCon staff.

In high school, she discovered punk rock and cannabis; the combination of which helped to shape her political worldview. She sought out her local punk scene and ended up hitching rides with friends to the next town over to catch all ages shows at the since closed Doozer’s Pub. Soon after, she was introduced to her local infoshop, Loose Screws, which doubled as combination thrift store, indie record store, and video rental store. This combination allowed her to develop both her political awareness, her musical tastes, and her love of film.

After graduating she went on to study theatre arts for three years at Flagler College, where she directed the original play For Simplicity’s Sake, written by St. Augustine musician, Richard Lepre. Her and her family also joined the Ancient City Privateers, a reenactment group that ran the local yearly Pirate Gathering. It was here she learned how to shoot canons and black power pistols, throw axes, shoot arrows, start fires with flint and steel, and sing shanties.

It was also in college that she was recruited by a friend to join the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a union she has been with ever since. The Occupy Wall Street movement had also just began and her and some of her fellow union members banded together to organize the first Occupy St. Augustine event on Guy Fawkes’ Day that year. She took this opportunity to network and learn from more experienced activists, traveling to other nearby Occupy encampments to do so.

She also got more involved with the local punk scene which had since centered itself at Shanghai Nobby’s, a tavern owned by fellow pirate reenactor, Dave Wernicke. Nobby’s became a second home, one she still visits to this day to warm welcome. It was here that she saw her first drag show which helped her to find a queer community and eventually discover her own identity. But more often than not, it was here that she booked shows, worked door, sang karaoke, and got stoned in the walk-in cooler with her friends.

Unfortunately her college journey was cut short after enduring sexual abuse, health issues, and eventual homelessness, finally leaving St. Augustine to pursue a career in writing and community organizing in Gainesville, Florida.

Upon moving to Gainesville, she began volunteering at the Civic Media Center (CMC), the second longest running infoshop in the country, moved into a queer punk house known as Camp True Love, and began working at Rad Press Cafe, a queer-owned collective cafe housed within the CMC. After that closed, she got a job at Video Rodeo, one of the only surviving video rental stores in the country and a worker-run collective, until it also closed down.

Around this time, she also began writing and performing poetry at the longest running poetry jam in Gainesville, creatively known as the Gainesville Poetry Jam, and the longest running open mic in the country, the infamous Tom Miller Show AKA The Tabernacle of Hedonism.

Working as a ghostwriter at the time for the now defunct cryptocurrency website, BTCvestor.com, she was eventually recruited to write about politics for the Center for a Stateless Society, where she was made a Fellow shortly after. Around the same time, she was asked by a friend to help rewrite the platform of the Outright Libertarian Caucus of the Libertarian Party to be one based on the ideas of queer anarchism.

This led her to become more involved in the left-libertarian side of Libertarian Party and related circles, going on the help found the Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee and the Libertarian Socialist Caucus (inspired by the Democratic Socialists of America’s own Libertarian Socialist Caucus, of which she is also a member). The Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee went on to help the Gainesville Anti-Fascist Committee campaign for and successfully elect former CMC coordinator, Kaithleen Hernandez, as Soil and Water Commissioner in direct opposition of her opponent, Libertarian Party candidate and member of the white supremacist organization the American Guard, Chris Rose.

Glitterbomb and her late partner, Syd Eastman (co-founder of the Sex Worker Solidarity Network), were delegates to the 2018 Libertarian National Convention where they were seen on C-SPAN waving double-sided dildos with fellow members of the Audacious Caucus. Her work with the Libertarian Party culminated in joining the campaign team for Vermin Supreme’s 2020 presidential run, before giving up hope for counter-recruitment within the LP altogether after the pseudo-fascist Mises Caucus takeover at the 2022 national convention.

During this time, she also founded the Gainesville chapter of the Pink Pistols before national level drama within the organization caused many, including the Gainesville chapter to split. Afterwards, she went on the join Redneck Revoltl. Gainesville Pink Pistols and Redneck Revolt helped to provide security for local Pride and activist events, including providing security for Mike and Debbie Africa of the MOVE 9 during their stay shortly after their release from prison. They also took over and ran the local Gainesville Free Store, a project originally started by Trans Affairs at the now closed feminist bookstore, Wild Iris Books, where she also volunteered.

During the Occupy ICE movement, she camped out for two weeks in front of the ICE facility in Tampa and helped copwatch while her partner and their comrades blocked off the parking lot by disabling their car and locking themselves down in front of the building’s entrance with u-locks around their necks. She was their to greet her partner and friends shortly after once they were bailed out. All charges were dropped against the blockade participants thanks to community support.

As part of their work with the IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) and Fight Toxic Prisons (FTP), her and her partner launched an Occupy Prisons occupation outside of the prison work camp in Alachua County. After two weeks of guerilla concerts and movie showings for prisoners, soft blockades of prison work vans, noise demos, and interacting with the local community, they successfully convinced the city commission to make Alachua County the first county in Florida to ban the use of prison slave labor for government projects. This didn’t come without sacrifice however, with her and and Soil and Water Commissioner Kaithleen Hernandez being the first two to ever be charged with “disrupting police, interfering with prisoners” in the entire state of Florida.

She also was arrested for peeing while trans in a bus stop bathroom while coming back from visiting her grandma, with the police injuring her back in the process.

Eventually, Redneck Revolt went the route of Pink Pistols but for different reasons and many of her local comrades went on to found the Sawgrass Community Defense Group which aligned itself with the national Coalition of Armed Labor which was a national network of former Redneck Revolt and John Brown Gun Club chapters, while TranQuility, a local trans support group, took over Free Store which still runs to this day.

Feeling homesick, she began visiting Louisiana more and more, helping to found the anarchist Mardi Gras krewe, Krewe de Main, and eventually moving there to make that her focus and helping to launch their festival, Coup de Gras. However, her health had other plans, forcing her back to Florida after not too long though she continues to help organize yearly Coup de Gras events back in her home state of Louisiana.

During the pandemic, she began to focus on expanding her writing. She began working on her first comic book and collaborating with performers from The Tom Miller show to write her first movie script, both of which are planned to be produced and distributed through her own independent studio, Dragon’s Tale Studios. She also reached out to Eron from the Re Education YouTube channel and offered to back up his catalogue of videos to Peertube as a thanks for him hosting the 2021 Coup de Gras Ball, a volunteer job she still keeps up to this day.

After losing a friend to a police shooting, she and a friend of hers were attacked at his funeral by several other members of the funeral party for daring to wear a Black Lives Matter mask. In order to protect themselves from threats of violence that were becoming increasingly racist and transphobic, she had to hold them back with a pistol which she did not have a license to carry. This situation both reaffirmed her support for gun rights and caused her to have to hang low while working towards securing a lawyer. With the help of her comrades at C4SS, she was able to obtain a lawyer and, after half a year on the run, she turned herself in and her lawyer helped her to beat the charges.

After seeing her friend, professional comedian and podcaster, Jake Flores, perform at FEST 19, she accompanied him and several other comedians to a nearby bar where she was encouraged by several of the comedians there to do comedy herself after she managed to make them laugh with her life stories. The next week, she was onstage at The Tom Miller Show soaking up the applause and she’s been addicted ever since.

Nowadays she spends her time in Florida focusing on her health, cosplaying, finishing up her first comic and film, livestreaming monthly with the Anti-Nazi Gaming League, organizing Coup de Gras, volunteering at her local reuse store, The Repurpose Project, organizing with the IWW’s Freelance Journalists Union, and creating graphics and occasionally still writing for C4SS.