A Jill-of-all-trades, there are multiple ways I can be of benefit to you or your project, organization, or event!


I am experienced with creating video and audio advertisements as well as press releases, fliers, and business cards for agorist, worker-owned, unionized, and/or local businesses or for diy and grassroots events such as local concerts or community events. Current and former advertising clients include Civic Media Center, Liberty Lovers, Coup de Gras, Anti-Nazi Gaming League, and various DIY music and comedy shows.

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Channel Management

In addition to my own projects, I also help aid Eron of the Re Education YouTube channel by running his official Peertube channels on the Breadtube and Kolektiva instances. This offers his viewers and alternative to YouTube and offers Eron a fallback in cases of censorship. I am more than willing to offer this same service to other YouTubers so that they do not have to concern themselves with extra work while still reaping the benefits of hosting on Peertube and any other alternative platforms of your choosing.

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Graphic Design

I have created numerous fliers for diy music and comedy shows, logos (including animated logos) for projects of the Center for a Stateless Society and Krewe de Main, YouTube thumbnails for the Anti-Nazi Gaming League, social media graphics for Coup de Gras, and much, much more.

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I am the former co-host of the Hall of Justice Podcast and the television political talk show, Crossover, which unfortunately never made it past the pilot episode. Currently I am the host of the Green Market Agorist podcast and YouTube channel (both on hiatus) and co-host of the Anti-Nazi Gaming League. In addition to online events, I also host live events including comedy shows and the annual Krewe de Main Ball.

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In addition to my work organizing and modeling for Fuck For Forest, I have modeled for several independent projects (including a few paintings which I have lost track of) and have been sought after by multiple erotic cosplay websites though have yet to take up the offer. I am available for art, cosplay, erotic, fashion, glamour, lifestyle, lingerie, nude, pinup, and promotional modeling. Advertising modeling is currently limited to agorist, worker-owned, unionized, and/or local businesses or non-profits.

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In addition to editing poet Kerry E. Sullivan’s book, Slow Suicide and Other Thoughts, I have edited numerous articles for Pink&Black, the Center for a Stateless Society, and other publications.

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Public Speaking

I have spoken at multiple Industrial Workers of the World events, co-hosted workshops on libertarian socialism and anti-fascism at the 2018 Libertarian National Convention, hosted several events for the Coup de Gras festival, led a workshop on creating alternative justice systems at the 2020 NYC Anarchist Book Fair, and formerly hosted monthly workshops on how to use Cell 411.

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Versed in the art of Cajun Catholic hoodoo, I am able to make a variety of custom products on demand and unique to each client’s needs, including oils, powders, tinctures, floor washes, housecleaning products, herbal bath kits, candles, soaps, facial scrubs, aftershaves, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body butters, ointments, teas, mojo bags, spell kits, and more for a variety of purposes, including uncrossing, blessings, protection, love, money, luck, legal aid and protection, and herbal healing.

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Stand Up Comedy

Taking the stage in November 2021 after inspiration from my friend Jake Flores (of Comedy Central fame), I have found a home in the Gainesville comedy scene. In addition to performing regularly at the oldest continuously running open mic in the united states, known as the Tabernacle of Hedonism, and Vecinos Comedy Night, she also performs various shows organized by Gainesville Comedy Shows and performs yearly at Coup de Gras and the Krewe de Main Mardi Gras Ball in Slidell, Louisiana.

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Video Editing

I have edited videos for the C4SS Feed 44 and Green Market Agorist YouTube/Peertube channels and created video advertisements for Coup de Gras and the Anti-Nazi Gaming League.

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Web Design

In addition to designing this very website which you are currently viewing, I have also helped to design websites for Coup de Gras, Indigo Magick, the Agorist Black Shield, and the Liberty Lovers escort agency.

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I first became a published writer in college, when I co-founded the St. Augustine-based local alternative news zine, Pink&Black, for which I also helped to commission articles, edit, format, design graphics, print, and distribute. Since then, I have gone on to ghostwrite for the now defunct BTCVestor (and others that I cannot list), was named a Fellow of the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS), and have had articles published by Counterpunch, Earth First! Journal, It’s Going Down, and the Industrial Worker. I have also been featured in two C4SS anthology books and have had writings translated into 13+ different languages.

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“One of the most prolific writers…”

— Alex McHugh, C4SS Co-Ordinator

“…you’ve done amazing work and I appreciate everything you have done.”

— Eron, Host of Re Education

“I wasn’t aware you had such great comedic timing, but I don’t know if I want to show anyone the video I took of your set.”

– Christy Umpenhour, Logan’s mother [after seeing Logan perform a set that included multiple embarrassing jokes as her expense]